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Housing Survey is being distributed

Submitted on 04 April 2017 by David Johnston

The survey document is being distributed early in April. Because of an oversight you may miss the document when it is posted through your door as it is a white envelope with "Dear Householder" on the front. You may well have thrown it away as junk mail! If you haven't received one or inadvertantly discarded it, please download a copy and return it to us. There are two documents - please click to download and print off:

Covering Letter

Housing Needs Survey Form

Many households will only need to answer a few questions but it is still important that the form is returned completed. If you don't have a printer, please send an email to info@wheathampstead-pc.gov.uk or telephone 01582 832541. Thank you for your help.




leafleafThe Memorial Hall, Marford Road, Wheathampstead Hertfordshire, AL4 8AY
01582 832541, info@wheathampstead-pc.gov.uk