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WOSV, Proposed Calendar of Events, October 2017 – July 2018

These activities focus on our environmentally sensitive areas especially local nature reserves and county wildlife sites. They pay attention to wildlife sensitivity.

Locations and activities may vary as local conditions change.

Month Date Location Activities
October 14th Butterfield Nature Reserve Rake chalk bank, thin woodland, clear paths


Meads North

Pollard willows in eastern plantation

Remove holly from along bridleway

December 9th Gustard Wood

Clear bramble from previous clearance

Remove further holly

Create path so exposed hornbeams can be seen


13th Devils Dyke

Cut back scrub at entranceway

Remove invading holly along top path
February 10th Bower Heath

Raise crowns of trees around grassland

Create small glades and scallops around woodland edge 
March 10th Gustard Wood As December
April 14th Butterfield Nature Reserve  Clear holly from ditch sides, clear bramble and cut back holly growth, check pathways and steps
May 12th Marshall's Heath Remove emerging Rosebay Willow Herb and other undesirable scrub from grassland
June 11th Marshall's Heath As May continued 
July   TBD  
August   TBD  
September   TBD  


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